Discovering Your Unique Selling Point

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Know what to wish for.

Each of us has a unique combination of abilities, passions, and experiences. Our uniqueness is our greatest attribute. It defines our purpose in life. To be completely fulfilled – successful and happy – what we do with our lives must flow from this. A recurring simple theme on this blog site is: ‘How can you be the very best version of yourself’.

If a genie popped out of a bottle today and offered you the usual three wishes, what would you ask for? If the first was for perfect happiness, there would be no need for the other two.

But if the genie asked you to be specific about what would bring true happiness, would you be able to answer. The real challenge would be if this encounter happened in a lift and you had just until you arrived at your floor the doors opened, to say exactly what you wanted.

To do this you would need to be able to state in a couple of very concise sentences what your passions in life are and how you intend to exploit them. Read the rest of this entry


Building connections in the brainHow to tune your mind for success.

The basis of success and achievement is to have the will power to see a plan through. By this time each year the vast majority of New Year resolutions will have been broken. The gyms are no longer crowded. Those of us who are that bit more motivated have the place back to ourselves again!

  1. Planning:

Any goal worth achieving must be something which is important to you. Buying a car, building a house and getting married are major steps which we spend a lot of time dreaming about and researching and planning very detail. Your life’s other goals are no less important. If they are to succeed they need to be equally thoroughly planned and researched. They need to be embedded in your mind so that you have dreamed having achieved them. This will build the essential body chemistry to drive you to achievement. Watch the video on this link. These examples of research will amaze you. Read the rest of this entry

Bowie and Sartre

master Epic
Epitetus, circa 100 AD.

Man is condemned to be free:


The statement on the left from 100AD has been developed by Jean-Paul Sartre 1900 years later the basis of his philosophy of Existentialism. Sartre’s argument is that we exist first and then we build on the blank canvass of that existence. In his view we must all create ourselves.

We have the privilege of being able to create ourselves or we can choose to allowing our lives to be moulded by others.

Unless you create yourself:

Sartre’s philosophy is empowering. It tells us that we have limitless potential. But there is a significant flaw in this argument. There is no point when we exist as a blank canvass. Read the rest of this entry

Giving Failure a Bad Name


You Failed!

This time of year – or in a few weeks – we will once again read of the futility of making New Year resolutions; because over 90% of them fail, they will say. It is remarkable how many do fail but I will discuss the reasons a little later.

There is a quotation from Thomas Edison which is used so often that it is a cliché. He said of the challenges to get the concept of the light bulb, which he invented, ‘I did not fail. I just found 10000 ways it didn’t work’. Read the rest of this entry

Stuck! Perfectionism Blocks Creativity

Pursuing perfection can be a block to creativity.

Frustrated architect




There will be times in all our lives when we feel mentally or emotionally stuck. It is a feeling of having lost direction or purpose; a time when motivation is low, the flow of creativity has dried up and we need to redefine purpose. There will be many manifestations of this state of mind. For me it is sometimes sitting in front of my computer trying to write but nothing will flow. On other occasions it is a feeling of not having time for myself because I have so many things which I must do for others. Read the rest of this entry

The Amazing Power of Thought

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The Power of the Placebo

The placebo effect is the clearest demonstration of the power of thought and how it may very effectively be used in managing success.

There are numerous references to the placebo effect in other posts her on the blog. A placebo is, in simplest terms, a pretend tablet or medicine. Most commonly it is a totally inert representative of a drug or medicine which is being trialled for its effectiveness. Read the rest of this entry

The purpose of this site is to try to give an easy to read, background of information on body chemistry and the nervous system in a way which will help you to understand the message of self-improvement and the pursuit of success.

Clever Chap!!

Clever Chap!!

Read the rest of this entry

What are your core values?


The emotional puzzle.

We used to have a wonderful neighbour for whom we cared for many years. It was always a very real pleasure to visit her. There was an atmosphere of serenity in her presence which was impossible to describe. Although she had deep dementia and so she did not make sensible communication. her tone of voice matched her presence. I believe it matched her state of mind. She was a lovely person. I shall call her Ivy rather than her real name.

When we think of friends or family members we associate an emotion with them. There are no words used to describe the person we are thinking of or how we are feeling as we remember them. Whenever we think of anyone we know, whether we like them or not, they stir an emotion. All who met Ivy agreed what a lovely person she was and how calming it was to be in her presence.

Unfortunately there are some people who have precisely the opposite effect. On occasions we hear an expression like; ‘that guy gives me the creeps’ or ‘I just feel tension when she is in the room’. Read the rest of this entry

Exhausted athlete taking his break after a tiring workout

Intention, Belief and Awareness improve fitness.

I was recently given a gift of a fitness bracelet. Is it a placebo?

It is one of those bracelets which counts steps, monitors calorie use and heart rate.

It may not seem so, but this clever device is a perfect way to demonstrate many strands of the message of many of the articles on this blog site; awareness, belief, expectations and the power of the placebo. Read the rest of this entry



Defining who you are

This is a question I heard asked many years ago by, I believe, Wayne Dyer who sadly passed away very recently. I struggled with the importance of the question for some time but thought of it often.

The opening question often when we meet strangers is, ‘and what do you do’. Replying that ‘I am a dentist, or a carpenter or Headmistress’, may be a great way to start a conversation but it says little of who you truly are.

Who you are is what may be described as the theme emotion of your being; the intention which drives your thinking. It could be described as the placebo of your existence. Telling the answer to a stranger at a cocktail party may not be necessary or even advisable but it is important to be able to know it. Read the rest of this entry

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